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Project Theme/Concept

My concept for this project was to try and make 3 scenes with some of my favorite fictional characters come to life. For the human picture i used Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings and Lothar from world of warcraft (both played by the same actor) sitting on a car as if they were talking and an assassin jumping down over head. Also i have Spiderman swinging in to the rescue all while Aragon from Lord of the rings watches on. On the hybrid scene i have Ironman, RoboCop, Cyborg, Doc Ock and Darth Vader standing watch for any kind of troubles. All while on the Machine scene i have a squad of droids, a large drone moving in for what seems like an attack. Johnny 5 and a mechanical chicken are both standing in the scene and a robotic gnome is hiding in the bus. I found that selecting what pictures and placing them into the selected background was a-lot easier than i thought it would be were making the images look as if they were their when the picture was taken was a-lot harder than it seems. …

Rough Draft P1

New Media is exclusive of traditional media in that it uses digital techniques to create art, art that has a higher focus on interactivity than traditional media. New media can be created and exist solely in digital space making it irrefutably exclusive of traditional media. New media, however, is not wholly unspoiled by the influence of traditional media. While a 3d printed sculpture was created in digital space and brought to physical form by a digital technology, it is still a sculpture and like a traditional sculpture special thought was paid to shape, form and to the substance in which it would be created. Images created in Photoshop are created using layers, a concept that began with painters – first a sketch, then an under-painting, then background and progressing on to a foreground. Traditional Media has always been seen as a subject separate from science, but New media is not. Computers, software, 3D printers and robotics are all generally thought of a scientific creations…
My assignment is to make a triptych using found photos, with the theme human, machine and hybrid. This is going to be my first project ever in photo shop, or ever to be honest. I have chosen these photos from games, movies and TV shows that I enjoy. I have also chosen these photos because I believe they all have a different difficulty level to them and will challenge me in different way, which will help me see what I can handle and where I need more work. My goal for this project is to try and make the viewer believe the images are as real as they can be.
Choosing a theme for this project is going to be the hardest part, there are so many different dialogs that can come from this particular set of images. Maybe part of the fun will be seeing how others interpret the final product. Some of the possible themes are, syfi vs. fantasy, past vs. future, hero vs. anti-hero vs. villain.
The photos that I have selected will challenge me to explore photo shop and expose me to a broad range of t…