My assignment is to make a triptych using found photos, with the theme human, machine and hybrid. This is going to be my first project ever in photo shop, or ever to be honest. I have chosen these photos from games, movies and TV shows that I enjoy. I have also chosen these photos because I believe they all have a different difficulty level to them and will challenge me in different way, which will help me see what I can handle and where I need more work. My goal for this project is to try and make the viewer believe the images are as real as they can be.

Choosing a theme for this project is going to be the hardest part, there are so many different dialogs that can come from this particular set of images. Maybe part of the fun will be seeing how others interpret the final product. Some of the possible themes are, syfi vs. fantasy, past vs. future, hero vs. anti-hero vs. villain.

The photos that I have selected will challenge me to explore photo shop and expose me to a broad range of tools and techniques. I feel like this first project is critical for building a strong foundation and an important indicator of my future success in this program.

I hope that this project will get me closer to creating work that will resemble a professional movie poster. I know this is a very high achievement to aim for on my first project but I would rather challenge myself to make something great and portfolio ready, even if this is a project that I will have to revisit later on as my skill set grows.

Robo Cop



Darth Vader

Doc Ock



Johnny 5

Battle Droid

Gnome mount





Assassin Creed