New Media is exclusive of traditional media in that it uses digital techniques to create art, art that has a higher focus on interactivity than traditional media. New media can be created and exist solely in digital space making it irrefutably exclusive of traditional media. New media, however, is not wholly unspoiled by the influence of traditional media. While a 3d printed sculpture was created in digital space and brought to physical form by a digital technology, it is still a sculpture and like a traditional sculpture special thought was paid to shape, form and to the substance in which it would be created. Images created in Photoshop are created using layers, a concept that began with painters – first a sketch, then an under-painting, then background and progressing on to a foreground. Traditional Media has always been seen as a subject separate from science, but New media is not. Computers, software, 3D printers and robotics are all generally thought of a scientific creations and tools, but they are also used for art. In another example, I recently took my kids to a children’s museum and while traditional museums are strictly hands off, this was a please touch museum. The kids got to climb around on all sorts of contraptions to learn about art and science. One thing I remember in particular was a crane like vehicle that the kids could get in and operate to pick a ball up off the floor, lift it high into the air ad drop it into another machine. I would have characterized this an interactive sculpture, rather than a machine, but then what is a real crane? I mean, its really not that different. So then I got to thinking about other vehicles. Are car collectors collecting science, or art? I would say art, but its not just about the body of the car and the way it looks, it’s the machine underneath that is also significant, the part that makes the car sculpture interactive. Chad Frazier