Project Theme/Concept

My concept for this project was to try and make 3 scenes with some of my favorite fictional characters come to life. For the human picture i used Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings and Lothar from world of warcraft (both played by the same actor) sitting on a car as if they were talking and an assassin jumping down over head. Also i have Spiderman swinging in to the rescue all while Aragon from Lord of the rings watches on. On the hybrid scene i have Ironman, RoboCop, Cyborg, Doc Ock and Darth Vader standing watch for any kind of troubles. All while on the Machine scene i have a squad of droids, a large drone moving in for what seems like an attack. Johnny 5 and a mechanical chicken are both standing in the scene and a robotic gnome is hiding in the bus. I found that selecting what pictures and placing them into the selected background was a-lot easier than i thought it would be were making the images look as if they were their when the picture was taken was a-lot harder than it seems. Things like drop shadows, the burn feature and levels are all tools that came in very useful to make my scene come to life.


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